About Codeode


Codeode is a one man company. That one man is me, Jon Kågström (peronal blog here, mostly in Swedish). The story goes back to 2003 when I was doing my master thesis [pdf] at university. I tried to figure out how to catch spam e-mail so in parallel I started to build what came to be Cactus Spam Filter.

Since then I have been doing this on my spare time for fun. Unfortunately I can’t live on it, however I hope to be able to do that eventually. Living on something that I give away for free?

Well anyways, now I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I moved here in the beginning of 2006 and started to work on EA Digital Illusions as an AI-programmer on Battlefield Bad Company. In April 2008 BFBC was finished and the bots could take care of them self. So I decided to quit at DICE and use whatever money I got left from working there to write really really good software for Codeode.


Feel free to contact me with any feedback! Unfortunately I almost have no time over to answer support questions, however I read every mail and use it as feedback/feature requests/bug reports.

support at codeode dot com

Jon Kågström
Hökensgata 9
116 46 Stockholm