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Command Line Pop Client v1.10

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

I’ve spent the day updating Command Line Pop Client fixing various bugs and adding some new features.

Command Line POP client connects to your POP3 account and download email and stores them into plain text directly on your hard drive.

Upon requests I have added a new feature that allows you to save mail attachments independently from the mail it was received in. It extracts the attachments (pictures, movies and all other attachments) and saves them to an attachment directory. This can be very useful for various data mining purposes.

I think I managed to fix the bug “An error occured when trying to parse a pop response. The response wasn’t +OK or -ERR.”. This could happen if mail servers returned +OK\n instead of +OK\r\n for RETR commands. Let me know if this now works.

I also removed the windows installer since it isn’t required, now it’s just a small zip file that you can download here.