Cactus Spam Filter email clients

Cactus Spam Filter runs seamlessly with all e-mail clients that use POP3. No additional settings in your e-mail client are required. Just download and install our spam killer and it will immediately protect your inbox!

Gmail and SSL

If you have gmail or a SSL connection you need to do some additional manual setup, you can find the instructions here.

How to set up message rules and do initial training for the spam filter

1. Outlook
2. Outlook Express
3. Windows Mail (Vista)
4. Windows Live Mail (Windows7)
5. Netscape
6. Opera
7. Mozilla
8. Mozilla Thunderbird
9. Eudora
10. Pegasus Mail
11. IncrediMail
12. Foxmail
13. Phoenix Mail
14. The Bat!

Is your e-mail client missing from the list? Please let us know!