Cactus Spam Filter for Opera

By default, Cactus Spam Filter runs seamlessly with Opera, no additional settings in your e-mail client are required. Just download and install our spam killer and it will immediately protect your Opera inbox.

Moving spam e-mail to a special Opera junk folder

E-mails classified as spam will get a tagged subject line. The tag is *** CACTUS SPAM *** and can be used to automatically move such e-mail into a junk folder. To do this you simply will have to add a message rule in Opera. Here is a step-by-step guide.

NOTE: there is a space between the asterix and ‘CACTUS SPAM’ (***CACTUS SPAM***) and it’s important that you use them.

1. Start Opera.
2. In the menu, select ‘E-mail->Filter…’.
3. Click on ‘Add filter’.
4. Set it to ‘Subject contains *** CACTUS SPAM ***’.
5. Click Ok.
All spam e-mails will now be moved to the Opera built-in junk folder.

Training Cactus Spam Filter with e-mails from Opera

Cactus Spam Filter offers a feature that will train your filter quickly, instead of having to guide it for every incoming e-mail. If you already have a bunch of good and spam e-mails in your Opera e-mail client, you can directly train the filter with these e-mails.

Opera can’t by itself export e-mail messages to their raw format, but I am sure there are utilities out there which can do this. If you find one, please let us know!