Cactus Spam Filter for The Bat!

By default, Cactus Spam Filter runs seamlessly with The Bat!, no additional settings in your e-mail client are required. Just download and install our spam killer and it will immediately protect your The Bat! inbox.

Moving spam e-mail to a special The Bat! junk folder

E-mails classified as spam will get a tagged subject line. The tag is *** CACTUS SPAM *** and can be used to automatically move such e-mail into a junk folder. To do this you simply will have to add a message rule in The Bat!. Here is a step-by-step guide.

NOTE: there is a space between the asterix and ‘CACTUS SPAM’ (***CACTUS SPAM***) and it’s important that you use them.

1. Start The Bat!.
2. In the menu, select ‘Account->Sorting Office/Filters’.
3. Create a new rule under the ‘Incoming mail’ folder.
4. Change the ‘Sender’ field to ‘Subject’.
5. Type *** CACTUS SPAM *** in the ‘contains’ field.
6. Click on the ‘Actions’ tab.
7. Select ‘Move the message to a folder’ and click on ‘Add’.
8. Select the folder and then click ‘Ok’.
9. Click on ‘Ok’.

Training Cactus Spam Filter with e-mails from The Bat!

Cactus Spam Filter offers a feature that will train your filter quickly, instead of having to guide it for every incoming e-mail. If you already have a bunch of good and spam e-mails in your The Bat! e-mail client, you can directly train the filter with these e-mails.

1. If Cactus Spam Filter isn’t running, start it.
2. Click on the ‘Training’ link in the top menu.
3. Open the training folder by clicking the link ‘Training Folder’.
4. Open The Bat! and select your e-mails.
5. Click ‘Tools->Export Messages To->Email Messages (.eml).
6. Enter the folder path retreived in step 3 and click ok.
7. Now enter the ‘Training Arena’ in Cactus Spam Filter and train the filter.