Command Line Pop Client (Free)

Command Line POP Client is a free console utility that allows you to receive your e-mails to a local directory. It is suitable for batch jobs or whenever there is a need to download e-mails as files into a folder. This mail receiver supports the POP3 protocol and is both robust and light weight. The settings are defined in an xml file. You can configure it to save mail attachments as separate files.

This e-mail client is compatible for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP and 2003, Vista and Windows 7.


This software is free, download it here (no installer just zip file – extract it and you are good to go).

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Command Line Pop Client Screenshot

Example Config File


/* Server Specifies the address to the pop server. For example */
/* Port Specifies the port to connect to on the server. Usually it is 110. */
/* Username Specifies the mailbox username. */
/* Password Specifies the password for the mailbox user. */
/* DeleteFromServer Specifies if messages should be deleted from the server after they have been received. */
/* OnlyDownloadOnce Specifies if messages are to be downloaded only once. If messages are kept on the server (DeleteFromServer is set to false) and you only want to download new messages set this flag to true. */
/* SaveMessagesDirectory Specifies where the downloaded messages will be saved. Messages will be saved as plaintext. The filenames will be named by the message subject and a unique identifier. Leave it empty to download e-mails to the default direcotry called ‘received’ that is normally located at ‘c:\program files\command line pop client\received\’. */
/* SaveAttachments Specifies if attachments should be saved independently of the containing email. If set to true – SaveAttachmentDirectory will specify where they are saved. */
/* SaveAttachmentsDirectory Specifies where emails attachments will be saved. The attachments will be named by the attachment filename and a unique identifier. Leave it empty to save attachments to the default direcotry called ‘attachments’ that is normally located at ‘c:\program files\command line pop client\attachments\’. */
<SaveAttachmentsDirectory ><SaveAttachmentsDirectory />