Privacy Mantra now cleans VideoLAN VLC cache

First I want to say that I really like VLC player – it is by far the best player I’ve tried. If you are using Windows Media Player to watch movies – try VLC player and you will probably not want to use wmp any longer.

I’ve updated the Privacy Mantra database to clean the VLC cache. VLC stored a list of recent watched dvds in a directory called dvdcss, on Vista this list was located here: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\dvdcss

By the way, I never understood if there was some meaning to the VLC player icon? A traffic cone? Am I just being slow or does it have a metaphorical meaning related to playing video or audio? But then again, the privacy mantra icon is not very easy to understand – but yes there is a link between it and “Privacy Mantra”.

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